Thursday, August 16, 2007

World of Days of Our Lives?

WoW is a fun game but sometimes the forums and side issues are even funnier. Like this ten year old kid. He is playing Wow with his Warlock and summons a Succubus.. and while he is checking out her rack she goes "Ahhhhh Ahhhh" and the whip cracks.. well Mommy and Daddy are watching and this incredibly funny thread starts.

Some of my favorite comments were:

"Tell your parents she said she was 18"
"Reroll Hello Kitty Island Adventure. Your mommy and daddy will like it better"

People are so kind. Ha! Least we forget the infidelity when Gilgamesh cheated on her IRL husband with one of his clan captains. Ha! I am not sure if this was real or not but the thread was funny. I think it has been removed from the Forum but here is a link from WoW insider and another YouTube video.

Last but not least the chick who slept with a guy for an Epic Mount. Let the puns commence. She posted an Ad on Craigslist (funniest site ever) and soon enough she was mounting up... I think she really just wanted to get laid.

So see WoW is not JUST about killing Scorpids.

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DuggleBogey said...

Jeez, I remember farming scorpids so I could build some LW armor I really wanted...I probably got a ton of use out of it, but now it seems like such a waste of time considering how many different pieces or armor I've had since then...