Thursday, March 18, 2010

Introducing Borelock

A Tale of Borelock a Level 53 Warlock who might be evil, might be misunderstood, and is most probably insane.

Hello friends I am Borelock and I dabble in the occult. I guess you might consider me evil because I hang around demons and suck peoples souls out and things like that. I just consider myself misunderstood. I mean I need those souls to continue my research and to summon greater demon's to um, help the world, ya.. see I am helping the world. Please do not misjudge me like those annoying Paladin's. I mean who would you rather party with me and my succubus or some Paladin and his horse. See. See!

The other night I was out exploring the world. I had helped many people out in Un Goro crater. Not that I enjoy helping people but they do pay me a lot of gold which helps fund my experimentation.

I love the crater. I can skin basically everything that lives there and sell the leather for a killing. I then use the profits to buy cloth and make myself some bad ass robes and gauntlets. If only it was not so sunny there. I will have to look into bringing a permanent cloud of darkness over the place.

The creatures in the crater had become less of a challenge so I decided to head down to Sithilus and see if any of those dirty Night Elves had some jobs for me. As I start up the road on my Dreadsteed I notice a shadowy horse trailing me. I glance back and see a dark shadow priest.

You might assume we would get along. I like the dark. He likes the dark. I like to cast damaging plagues upon people so does he. He is kind of a Warlock light minus the pet.

Unfortunately this member of the Horde figured I was easy pickings. He had a lot more experience than I did and I knew he would be able to destroy me. I had to think quickly. Luckily intelligence comes easily to me. I knew that the fortress of the Night Elves was fairly close. If I could only make it there I would be safe. The elves allow all kinds of people into their town but they do not allow any violence against humanoids of the Horde or Alliance.

I kicked my Dreadsteed and spurred him on to greater speed. The priest then made the mistake of leaping from his horse so he could cast his wicked magic at me. He hit me hard. His consuming magics ate at my body but still I ran and pulled ahead of him. I limped into the fortress of the Night Elves and quickly bandaged myself. I also summoned my companion from the depths of the nether.

Shortly after the priest came charging into the fortress. He was fuming mad. Apparently he did not know that no violence was allowed in this town. He threw all his magic at me. I quickly sacrificed some of the life force from my demon Voidwalker and erected a shield. The dark priests spells could not penetrate my defenses.

Barely a second later a dozen guards rushed the offending priest. I laughed as they beat him to a pulp and threw him to the ground. The guards issues a stern warning to him and left him bleeding.

I figured this was the end of it so I laughed at the priest. This infuriated the priest so much that he lost his mind and again threw all of his magics at me. I howled in laughter as I siphoned off a little more of my pets life force to erect another magical barrier.

The guards true to their words beat the priest to within a fraction of his life and tossed him out of the city. I returned to Stormwind with a smile on my face selling all of the leather I had collected for a hefty profit.


MHG said...

These encounters are few and far between, but when they happen, the world comes alive.

Anonymous said...

You have a whole new perspective on this game, and I like it.