Monday, September 24, 2007


A Tale of Taumorianus a Level 72 Hunter making his way through the forests of Azeroth.

I walk up to the summoning stone and say "Today is a good day to die".. and summon the Dragons. The two Dragons attack me immediately and since I am not stupid I flee. I sit down and bandage myself to full health. I then walk back and look at the two dragons.

Using my skills with beasts and remembering tales I had heard about these dragons in the past I gather together the following information.

Hematus has a fire attack that hits for a small amount but causes a magical effect that increases damage from each subsequent fire spell attack. This magic makes her fire attacks become more deadly the longer the fight goes on.

I draw her out with a shot and move back to a clear area to fight. I put my pet into maniac attack mode and instruct it to let out an intimidating roar so I can ensure that she will not attack me no matter how much damage I do to her. I also start healing spells on my mighty orange tiger Garfield. I then unleash a furious assault of every shot I have in my arsenal. The crack of gunfire can be heard throughout the badlands as I unleash a fury of awesome power.

The dragon hurts Garfield but my healing keeps him alive and we slay this mighty beast fairly easily. We take her hide and it yields the treasured Worn dragon scale's that we so desire.

Flush with our success at destroying the first dragon so easily we venture once more into battle. This time we are facing Blacklash - who uses a fire spell that always hits very very hard. Sounds easier than the last dragon. We stride up with prideful glee and start the attack. We use the same methods. I set Garfield on full attack mode, start healing him, and he lets out his mighty roar to keep the dragons attention. I start slamming the dragon with all the power I can muster.

I instantly notice that Garfield's health is falling faster than Blacklashe's. We are knocking the dragon down but not fast enough. I keep casting heals on Garfield but he is getting destroyed.. then as the fight progresses the dragon decides I am a greater threat than Garfield. So he comes chasing after me. I back peddle as fast as I can while Garfield is clawing at his back. I nail him with my sword and a couple of hits.. but a couple of blasts of fire hit me and I am inured severely. Death seems about to rear its ugly head so I feign death and trick the cunning beast.

I lament my poor Garfield's pending death but look.. He is standing toe to toe with the beast! The beast has but a few bits of health left.. Garfield also is just clinging to life.. Garfield swings with a mighty paw and smites the beast who in his last dying bellow spouts off a gout of flame that takes Garfield to his death. Brave kitty. You fought well and we were victorious.

A very epic end to an amazingly awesome fight and that is how a low level Hunter and his brave pet were able to defeat two terrifying dragon beasts.


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

It's sad that I actually got fired up at the end...

Gizmo said...

NICE Blog :)

MHG said...

I've fired up my old WoW account again and made a blood elf hunter on the pvp server you are on. Prepare to die!