Friday, March 20, 2009

Helping Out Friends

A Tale of Armorage a Level 80 Death Knight trying to keep the evil of Northrend from spilling over the whole of Azeroth.

I was in the Storm Peaks the other day flying my incredibly slow Griffon around to help out my new friends the Sons of Hodir. Funny how in this long war some of our enemies become friends. I received a messaged from my Guild the Darkwolf Brotherhood that a few of our more green recruits needed help finding the Platinum Disks. Apparently these crazy dwarves at the Explorers League in Ironforge think they have some value. I am always ready to rush into battle for my brothers so I quickly agreed to help. I headed off to Dalaran and jumped into one of those portals the mages setup and hired a griffon to get me to Mines of Uldaman.

As I was approaching the mining area I heard my friends cry out in pain. Rushing to their side I saw a great injustice being done. An enemy orc rogue, who should have been in Northrend, had decided to come down to Uldaman and try and pick off young recruits. I guess all is far in love and war. I being a knight of course rushed in to save my companions.

The rogue and its kind are masters of cheap tactics and I would need to be careful. We were at evenly matched skill levels and our gear appeared comparable. However when a sneaky, backstabber is exposed to the light of day he usually does not fare well against an armored wall like myself. I cast my dark magics to fortify myself any stunning tactics he may use and rushed into the battle. We clashed several times each trying to get the upper hand. I used my chains of ice to try and bind him to one place, as he flew back and forth furiously waving his daggers. Each clank of his daggers off of my armor did but scratch me as I cast wave after wave of icy death upon him and connected with my massive Titansteel Destroyer. In the end my lovingly crafted mace was able to cave in this vagrants skull as his head split with an with an oddly melodious splatting sound. I still am awed by some of the changes that have befallen me since my transformation into a Knight of Death. My preferences in music have changed from the silent song of the night elves forests to the sickening sounds of death.

The shadow stalking rogue turned out to be the hardest part of our journey. We were easily able to vanquish the creatures of the dungeon and the disk were returned to the Explorers League. I leave it with them to find some use for the things. I can see no good use for them except as a holder for my Ale.

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