Friday, March 27, 2009

The Lich King

A Tale of Armorage a Level 80 Death Knight trying to keep the evil of Northrend from spilling over the whole of Azeroth.

Last night we struck a blow to the Lich King that will hopefully turn the tides of this brutal war. I still look back on my life before I became a Death Knight. It really is sort of a blur. A warm feeling here. A passionate kiss. A child's laughter. Whatever was done to me to make me this cold blooded killing machine took away much of my memories of the past. All that is left to me now is to payback the one who did this to me.

After many weeks of battling the lower minions of the Icecrown I finally reached someone who could strike a blow that would cause the evil Lich to take notice. The Bone Hag is a strange character but she enabled me to find Overthane Balargarde. His arrogance was somewhat warranted as he was a strong challenge. Luckily I had one of the strange tree druids of the forests to help me. He would keep my body safe as I destroyed this threat.

The battle was mighty and difficult. Balargarde struck with massive frost shock which rattled me to the bone. I was able to counter him with mighty slashes of my blade and my own icy fingered magic. The druid was able to keep my wounds from being fatal as the battle wore on. Finally when I thought I could go no further the combat was interrupted by the one I hate the most. The Lich King came down upon our battle and spoke with Balargarde. The Overthane then rushed me in a ferocious attempt to end the combat. I was able to summon my undead ghoul legions and dispatch him. In the end the Lich King spoke to me and said "You have bested one of my finest, but your efforts are for naught. The frozen heart of Icecrown awaits ...". I do not know what these ominous words mean or what future plans the Lich King may have for me but they chill me to my frozen core.

I wish I had the strength to strike down the Lich then and there but our time to battle has not come yet. I must strengthen my mind, body, and soul so that I am ready for our inevitable meeting. I believe he means to have me back in his power as an undead puppet but I will not allow this to happen. One day I will face my old master and bring justice to my shattered memories. Until then these small victories must be enough.

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